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Join the Clansman Pipe Band!

We welcome new members of all ages and levels of experience binomo , from beginners to advanced players. Uniforms and drums are provided by the band.

We offer free lessons to beginners or rusty players who aspire
to join the band as pipers or drummers.

When learning to play the highland bagpipe, it is perú binomo necessary to begin with a recorder-like instrument called a practice chanter which each student must provide. If you do not already own one, a good quality practice chanter that you will be able to use for many years can be purchased from the band for $50-$55. The practice chanter is used when learning but will also be used throughout your piping career for practising and learning new tunes. The first part of each band practice is normally devoted to group chanter practice with all the pipers seated around a table

Hear the Quick March Medley played at the 2013 Comox Valley Highland Games.


Article in the Peak after placing 1st in our Grade: Clansman in Peak


Fall Fair 2013: The Clansman Pipe Band shows up for just some of the Scotland the Brave & Rowan Tree Set

at the start of this video posted on youtube: